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The Travelling Road Show

I hate packing. You’d think that after 14 years of being mobile, it gets easier and you get more efficient at it, but honestly, it just gets worse. Back in the good old days, it was just me and my trusty Subaru Legacy – everything I would ever need was crammed into that green station wagon including a single mattress. And we sure got around. But then I met my husband 7 years ago and 5 years ago we had a Mitsubishi Delica, which was considerably larger. We moved up to Smithers and packed our life in that ~ leaving a few things behind, but still managing to take most of what we owned. Then we bought a house and needed to fill that house so we got a sofa set, a dining set, a wall unit and a few other things ~ even a lawnmower to keep the green nice and trimmed in the summer. But we sold, moved, kept most of the stuff, had a baby and well, those of you who have kids know how the stuff factor multiplies ~ even though we truly kept it down to a minimum and still Fin rarely has lots of toys. And now I look around at this mess, this chaos and think how wonderful it would be to just have just a few nice things. Now, I’ve sort of come full circle to the Subaru Legacy ~ plus a 17 foot U-Haul truck.

To every bad side, there is a good and this is the beauty of moving. Getting rid of stuff. It makes me feel lighter, less cluttered, and hopeful for the simplicity that I crave in a home. My husband and I are both Tauruses and even though I don’t really follow this kind of stuff, I have to admit, a lot of the character traits are spot on. Determined. Stubborn. Loyal. Independent. Expensive things. Good food and wine. A beautiful home. Except one problem ~ I’ve never really been in a financial position to indulge in these things nor do I agree to excess. In fact, I spend a lot of time at Value Village and such. We live a very simple life and I would love to simplify even further. Perhaps a garage sale is in order for next summer.

This will be the last blog posting for a while. I am going through my emails tonight one last time and then the auto-responder will be on until further notice. And those who are waiting for pictures, thank you so much for your patience. But, back to packing for me.

My exciting Wednesday night……

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An Afternoon of Forest Fun // Smithers Family Photographer

I got to spend a drizzly fall afternoon with this lovely family.

We went hunting for mushrooms, interesting leaves, and leftover berries from the summer.

We organized our findings back at home, had a tickle fight and ended off with a rave in the living room.

It was wonderful to say the least and there will be more on this family to come ~

another poignant family session because that little girl with those blonde curls fought cancer and won.

larissa addison - love these shots they are perfect!

Leanne - These are some great shots Rose! Indeed a wonderful family that has overcome more than I can imagine in a lifetime!

High Energy // Smithers Family Photographer

Little boys are entirely their own little creatures….I’ve got one myself and even at one and a half, I just don’t understand it. So much restless energy and this deeply rooted desire to destroy things, explore their world by taking things apart and sometimes attempting to put it back together. Oh and don’t forget the tractors. But it’s just who they are and I’m learning to embrace it as a Mom of a boy and how best to nurture the positivity out it.

Ashley and Lloyd have two beautiful little boys that are full of energy and giggles and fun. Did I mention energy? =) The oldest, Joshua, was crazy for tractors and all things machine-related and it was perfect that we had our session at the lovely Round Lake Ranch where there were plenty of opportunities to climb and run and just be a boy. And his little brother, Jaidon, was easy to entertain ~ such a happy little baby! We took a walk across the grounds from the gorgeous lodge to the sweet hay bales stored in the barn and the fields beyond ~ it was another beautiful fall evening in the Bulkey Valley and I wanted to take full advantage of that setting sun.

Thanks for having me photograph your little family, Ashley and Lloyd! Enjoy!



Ashley Young - Thank you so much Rose for doing our photo shoot, I love everyone that i’ve seen so far can’t wait to see the rest.

Tiny Light Emma

This posting might be a long one.

I volunteer with an organization called the Tiny Light Foundation and their aim is to provide complimentary portraiture to families with a sick or disabled child in Canada. I became involved after being approached by one of the Tiny Light members and I felt like it was a fantastic way to give back to my community. There is another organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) that is based out of the USA and I learned of them a number of years back and considered becoming a part of that group. But upon further research and thought, I decided not to ~ because I didn’t think I’d be strong enough to do it. Sometimes the children are very sick and sometimes they even pass away. Back then I just wasn’t able to commit to something emotionally like that.

I have my own son now who is a year and a half. He is healthy, loud, and growing by the day and every day I thank God that he’s OK. But having my own child made me realize something. It made me realize that perhaps I was being too selfish by worrying about my own emotions. If Fin was sick or disabled, I would covet something like this. I was suddenly wearing a different pair of shoes.

So I joined Tiny Light last year and wasn’t expecting to get any calls being in a more remote northern BC town. But I did. In the beginning of August I received an email from Laura who saw a news segment on Tiny Light, checked out their website and photographer listings and noticed that there was someone in Smithers. Since I am primarily a wedding photographer, my summers are insanely busy and I told Tiny Light I may not be able to do any sessions during the wedding season. But after I heard this family’s story, I knew that I had to do it. Emma was born with Down Syndrome and a heart condition that requires open heart surgery this fall.

When I met the family, everything was like any other normal Sunday morning in any other household. Except this family wasn’t chaotic like mine ~ it was quiet, serene and peaceful. Despite this daunting surgery approaching, the thing that struck me the most was the love this family shared. Everyone doted on Emma and Sam, the second youngest. People took turns holding Emma, making sure she was warm enough on our chilly morning walk or swinging Sam around to make her laugh. Even Sam clearly loved her little sister and didn’t leave her side once when we went indoors to do some pictures of Emma.

I intentionally wanted to spend more time with the family as a whole, because it was such a large family and it seemed to me really important to focus on those relationships. I did however, try to balance that out with some portraits of Emma as well as a glimpse of home-life. I think the ones of Laura feeding Emma are my favourite. You can see the connections here ~ this is not scripted but real life and really why I do what I do.

I hope you enjoy these images of a poignant moment in time. I hope that this perhaps urges you to make a point of picking up your own camera to begin capturing pictures of your own family or hiring a professional on a regular basis to document your family’s life. This is something even I am not diligent with, I admit it. And don’t just take the picture but PRINT them. Put them in a nice album so your kids can touch them, pour over them. I used to sit for hours and go through my parent’s black and white images from the old days. Digital cameras have benefited us but we have also lost so much appreciation for the art of photography and print form because of it. It takes some time but trust me, you’ll appreciate putting the effort into having something tangible your family can touch and see.

So what are you waiting for?

larissa addison - Emma is just beautiful. What a great family, I love it when children’s ages span such a large amount of years. It really teaches everyone so many amazing life lessons and experiences.

Ally - Rose, this is so so so amazing. Incredible work my friend. I will be looking into this as well, and would love to continue this for you :)