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Lee and Jennifer // Smithers Wedding Photographer

Overcast with a light cool breeze, Lee and Jennifer’s wedding day could not have been more splendid. You may have noticed by now that I comment on the weather quite a bit and there is very good reason for that. I am always hoping for the perfect wedding day where it’s not too bright and not too soggy. There’s nothing worse than sweating like a pig while shooting a wedding (because then the rest of the day, you just feel really icky) or getting rained out. And this year has been incredibly stressful for me weather-wise, just because of the unpredictability of it (or predictability of rain!). But this Saturday wedding was absolutely perfect.

The whole affair was held at Driftwood Lodge, a gorgeous bed and breakfast property on the outskirts of town overlooking the Hudson Bay Mountain range. The gardens were in full swing ~ the peonies were blooming just for us! The ceremony was held outside, with a mason jar lined walkway full of locally grown, in season flowers. And then Jennifer arrived, looking positively radiant with her dark upswept hair and lace adorned wedding gown.

There was a raspberry grove, strawberry fields, rustic swings, long fence lines, wide open fields, a vintage tandem bike and all things classic country. We had quite a bit of time for photos after the ceremony, which was amazing because the property is large and full of possibilities. Lee and Jennifer had friends with an old Cape Cod tandem bike, it was in rough shape but Lee managed to convince Jennifer to hop on side saddle for a cruise down the driveway. So, so worth it!

The reception was inside the Great Room of the lodge and Live the Moment Event Planning Decor and Rentals helped transform the space so it was warm and inviting. The meal was catered by Ursula and her team from Foxhole Bakery and was delicious, beautifully presented, and made from as many locally produced ingredients as possible. The salmon had “fish-scale” cucumber slices, how creative is that?

The wedding was a small, intimate affair with close family and friends, some arriving from far away places. People mingled with one another, ate and drank well and laughed whenever Jennifer’s young nephew would yell “Congratulations!” into the microphone. It was fun, familial and warm ~ precisely the right recipe for a wonderful wedding day.

Thanks so much to Lee and Jennifer, for making me feel so much a part of the day. I truly feel honored to have been able to witness your commitment to one another through the eye of my lens. Enjoy married life, Mr. and Mrs.!

Click on the “play” button for the slideshow. Enjoy!

Jennifer - Thanks so much Rose, thanks for capturing the day so wonderfully and making us look so good! Worth every penny!!

Robyn - You are extremely good with getting the details :)

En Pointe Loveliness

When I was 21, I went to the ballet in Paris. It was a last minute decision between my traveling partner and I, we had purchased tickets for the balcony and it definitely stretched the backpacking budget. We were already standing in front of the Palais Garnier and the glory and opulence of what ensued was beyond my wildest dreams the moment we stepped inside the building. The hall itself was so decadent, full of rich red fabrics and trimmed in gold. I felt ridiculous sitting in my plush, velvet Victorian chair wearing wrinkled clothes I picked out of my backpack that may not have been washed in some time. But the two of us sat, in silence, just taking it all in.

I sat riveted for what felt like an eternity and witnessed some of the most beautiful dance I have ever seen. I couldn’t tell you what ballet it was that we saw. I couldn’t even tell you what the story was about. All I can say was that it was so beautiful, I cried at the end.

With the introduction of Black Swan last year, I noticed a lot of ballet inspired photo shoots popping up all over the place including some incredible collections focused on ballerinas ~ The New York Ballerina Project by Dane Shitagi (actually spanning the course of 8 years, so this pre-dates Black Swan) and A Ballet Affair by fellow Vancouver photographer, Sherry Lu. I am sure there are lots of other photography projects out there featuring ballet dancers, because, well, they are just amazing! All those years of training and dedication to create such beautiful and graceful movement ~ I greatly admire it when I look at how I clump around on this green earth.

With the memory of the Paris Ballet in mind and all of these lovely ballet shoots cropping up, I too, began to feel inspired. I wanted to photograph a dancer as well. Enter Hannah.

I have a lovely friend in town who owns La Petite Maison Design and Decor in Smithers, Kate, and her daughter does dance. A lot of dance. All kinds of dance. But I really wanted to focus on en pointe because I just love the gracefulness of it. So we got together one night and did just that. And threw in a pretty little field in a sunshower, just because the light was just so. And then that rainbow showed up. Perfection.

A big thank you to Caroline of Salt Boutique for the coral jersey dress and the filmy shirt-dress ~ they were perfect for the mood and feel of the session.

Enjoy and happy BC Day!

Averi Turns One // Vancouver Family Photographer

This session was the second in a series of four with a lovely family in Vancouver. I first met the family back in March in their home and we spent an afternoon hanging out, Averi having a bath in the kitchen sink and then going outside for some fresh spring air. You can see the images from the first session here. For the second session, Amy wanted to capture Averi’s first birthday party and the day could not have been more perfect. The sun was hot and shinning, the parents came out with their tots, and Averi was surrounded by family and friends ~ what a better way to celebrate!

This super fun sweet vintage themed first birthday party was thought out to the nines by Mom, Amy. I loved all the little details she had created, nothing was forgotten right down to the water bottle labels! It was great to work with Jessica of Trove Vintage Rentals again. Amy had used a number of vintage toys from Trove as well as accessories for decorating the tables for that vintage-feel. For the party itself, Katie Bee provided delightful and fun entertainment with her guitar and had tons of musical instruments on hand for those busy little hands to play with. The birthday cake and colourfully wrapped truffle pops were created by Sweet E’s Pastries and Sweets in Kerrisdale ~ and I don’t think I have ever had a lighter tasting cake, it was delish! The cute sliders were from White Spot and Averi’s adorable little yellow birthday dress was from Redfish Kid’s Clothing.

Thanks to Amy, Alfred and Averi for making the day so enjoyable and for having me document such a big milestone in Averi’s life! Enjoy!


Allison - Such an adorable party. Where did she find all the printed pieces – labels/invite etc.?

Vintage Alphabet Birthday Party - [...] very talented wedding and family photographer working in B.C. I just love this little girl’s vintage alphabet birthday party that she shot recently! Beautiful, cheerful pictures of all the lovely details that little [...]

Leanne H. - The last picture is my favorite, how cute is that!

Dickson and Frances // Vancouver Engagement

Today’s blog posting is all about Dickson and Frances (and you can see the preview here). I am so excited to share these because I got to shoot this session while in Vancouver a short while ago and it was my first time to the UBC Farm (which also makes for a great reception location). What a wonderful piece of urban farming right in our own backyards!

I met Frances back in January when I was planning my Eco Wedding shoot. I needed a baker to make some goodies for my table scene and since she was a part of the Grassroots Wedding Fair, I approached her to see if she would be interested in coming on board. I was so grateful she said yes because her desserts are not only beautiful works of art, they are also so yummy to eat (especially those cake pops!). To see what kinds of things Frances made for my creative shoot, you can go here to take a look or check out her own website for other delectable goodies at Sweet Naturally.

So naturally, I was thrilled when she asked if I was available to shoot the Engagement photos for herself and her beau, Dickson. We decided to meet at the UBC Farm on a slightly overcast Friday morning and they brought one of their two Chow pups along. We had fun exploring the farm and there is lots of ground to cover from the fields to the children’s demonstration vegetable garden.

Without further ado, here are some shots from our session. Enjoy!