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Simply Rose One

Well, it’s time for a little update since we’ve been in Vancouver for almost two weeks now. We arrived on September 24th (well, I did, my husband the next day) and spent the week unpacking, trying to figure out where all of our stuff would fit into a small, awkward basement suite. We’ve had some success but a week just wasn’t long enough to organize as much as we would have liked so now things are just sort of lying about until I find time to deal with it. I started my new position as a Water Technician with the Ministry of Environment this week and so far am really enjoying it. The change is really welcome ~ the only drawback however, is my 1 hour, one way commute on transit each day. I take a bus, a skytain and another bus ~ I love the morning direction but could definitely do without the end of the day one. Either way, it’s entertaining at times but seriously draining by the end of the day. I’m still trying to figure out what schedule works the best for me so I don’t get home too late and can still see my family. We have a lot of routine to iron out ~ it’s really challenging moving with a toddler whose needs keep changing because of growth. And teething molars right now. Aside from all this change, my husband and I have been getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night the past 5 nights because of those crappy molars. I am really looking forward to all those teeth coming in! Needless to say, I am quite exhausted.

There are lots of things going on behind the scenes with Simply Rose these days. I am wrapping up editing some of my last summer weddings and am preparing for the last one of the season next weekend. It’s a surprise and will be ah-may-zing! Just you wait and see…..I will actually be out of the office for one week starting Monday and I may be able to respond to emails while I am away. In the event however, that I am not, I will reply as soon as I get back.

I have also started my 365 photo challenge called SIMPLY ROSE ONE. Today is day 6 and already it’s so hard! I am determined to stick it out though. Winter is coming and things will be slowing down which will give me some time to prepare posts and take lots of pictures.

Also, I will be trying to slow down a bit next year and focusing more on weddings and lifestyle portraiture for couples only. Even though I really, really love photographing families, I feel like I need to be wiser with my time and that means spending more of it with my family. This break won’t be forever and I still may take a request or two depending on the timing of it but I feel like honing it in will help focus me all around. And goodness knows that I need a little bit of that amidst all this chaos right now. So that being said, if you are getting married or know someone who is, send me a note and we can talk about your wedding day. I’d love to hear about all your plans about your dress, the flowers, the shoes, the food, your creative details…all of it!

Have a good night, Interwebs!

Meic and Emily

Here is the last in the line-up of Smithers Engagement Sessions for the fall ~ Meic and Emily and their little bean, Mckinley. I met them at their home in Smithers and we took a short walk to a neighbor’s property where we hung out in the morning sun. We laughed, played, observed some pigs frolicking in the mud, and went to go pick some rosehips overlooking the beautiful Mt. Hudson. Meic showed Mac how to put the little berries in her shirt pockets and for the rest of the session, she was fascinated with this ~ there were all kinds of things in there when we got back home! And don’t forget the pups!

I’ve known Emily for quite some time now through my other job and I feel really honored to photograph their wedding at the Strathcona Park Lodge on Vancouver Island in June of next year. Upon considering venue locations (a winery in California being among the options), they chose Strathcona Park Lodge because of the rustic, outdoors feel and I am so happy they did ~ it suits them perfectly. They love being outside and you can find them skiing, biking, camping or running on any given day. This couple is adventure-loving and I know that their wedding is going to be really great ~ full of family and friends enjoying the great outdoors.

Happy Sunday! Enjoy!


This is a bit of a feat for me.

I finally got my passport renewed. I am so lazy with this kind of thing ~ I had every good intention to do it before it ran out ~ last October. And for the life of me, I just couldn’t fill out the form right. I’d write the wrong thing in the wrong spot and I know that some of you are thinking Wow, it’s not that hard but after hearing stories of having applications returned because the information wasn’t just right ~ let’s just say it made me really paranoid. So when I did get a call from a Passport Officer in Ottawa, I called back immediately. Turns out they just needed my original birth certificate. Whew.

So, this big one is off of my list (#95 to be exact) and I’m so excited because I’ll get to use it lots coming up!

DJ and Jen

This couple is super awesome and tons of fun. These two are a little quirky, a little crazy and compliment each other perfectly. At our first meeting, we talked about different ideas for their Engagement Session and I really liked all the things coming out of it ~ movie theater, a retro vibe, scooters. We had decided to do the session on a Sunday evening and thank you setting sun, it made for some wonderful, warm couple-y shots.

We hit it all! First we started off at the Roi Theater, where DJ works as a projectionist some evenings. Because of his connection to the theater, we thought it would be fun to incorporate that into the Engagement and guess what? They are getting married there too! I love it when there is a tying theme to the the Engagement Session and wedding. We visited one of three projection rooms and it was pretty cool ~ I told DJ that I kind of felt like I was on the set of LOST ~ it certainly had that 70’s lab-feel to it. Then we went into the theater itself, and of course had to take some fun shots in there. DJ and Jen were up for anything so when I tossed out a variety of emotions and told them to make faces for it (like they were watching a ‘scary film’), they totally played along ~ I think it makes for a cute storyboard. And when I asked if we could throw the popcorn ~ well, let’s just say that was pretty much awesome! DJ had changed the marquee out front and I ate it up ~ I’m sure it confused a lot of passerby but it was so worth it!

After the theater, we went to a very special, hidden sort of place called The Barn. It’s tucked away on someone’s private property and very dear to DJ because he spent a great deal of his youth playing basketball in this converted barn loft. I didn’t really know what to expect when DJ was explaining it to me but when I saw it, I thought it was really charming how it was all done up like a proper basketball court, complete with writing on the floor. I could definitely see how it would be a great hideaway with the boys.

The barn was situated in a really lovely spot with some field and forest and I wanted to take advantage of it because the sun was just so. Their beagle, Dexter, joined us and the sun stayed long enough to get some gorgeous shots of DJ and Jen cuddling in the tall grass. *sigh* My favourite kind of shots.

We had to hurry now ~ the light was going fast. For the last part of the session, we went to a nice long straightaway on the Telkwa High Road, had another quick outfit change and hopped on some scooters. Jen has a cute, pink scooter that’s all decked out and she uses it on a regular basis to get around town. Perfect idea if you ask me. And of course, Murphy’s Law would have it that any time you try to photograph anything in the middle of the road, traffic comes out of nowhere on an otherwise quiet road. But we worked around it and ended up with some adorable shots of them on scooters going for an evening ride on a country road.

I am so looking forward to their wedding in May! With the amount of fun and laughter we had, I know that their wedding day is going to be equally if not more fun. Thanks DJ and Jen for being so creative with me!



Alyssa Schroeder - Gorgeous fun session Rose! I love the ones in the field and look at that puppy. Sigh cute!!