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All Kinds of Pretty and Macro Fun

It’s no secret that I’m completely obsessed with flowers.

Just take a look here.

The textures, the colours, the shapes, the ruffles, the smells. I love it all. But I especially love it when cut flowers come from a local nursery, like these. Smithers has a local flower grower, Bob, that sells fresh, in-season blooms at the farmer’s market in the summer and he’s a favourite with brides seeking out exactly that. I got a number of bouquets yesterday at the market, I just couldn’t help myself. I made a little nosegay of yellow, orange and white strawflowers, globe thistle and a few poppy seed pods. Cute, no? And then of course, there is the larger dinnerplate dahlia bouquet, love these things. It amazes me that the stalks on these even manages to hold up these heavy blooms.

I’ve also been seeing a lot of neat ways to use lenses lately, including one that makes a macro. I found this cute tutorial from Alex Beadon Photography blog. It’s tricky to get everything in focus just right but it’s a fun way to depart from the norm and a good solution if you’re in a pinch for a macro shot.

And while we’re here on the topic of flowers, don’t forget that I have a lovely selection of matted prints in my Etsy shop! I’ll be adding some new ones in the fall but in the meantime, I’ve still got some really pretty ones available.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Natalie - Love the flowers! I’m also obsessed with flowers, I could shoot them all day! Another great way to turn your 50mm or even your 85mm into a macro is to pick up extension tubes to attach to them. I got three (30mm, 20mm, 12mm) set of tubes for about $250. A bit easier than trying to hold your 50mm on your camera backwards and you can stack the tubes as well.

erika - these are so pretty! I love fresh cut flowers, those globe thistles are spectacular!

Denise - I love your obsession with flowers….they always make me smile at the sheer delight of them!! Don’t stop :)

lyndsay london - So much fun! Shanna (my second shooter) was trying this yesterday. I like your processing on these :).

Double Ruffled Goodness

Next Saturday’s bride, Anna, gave me this lovely bouquet from her garden on my last visit to her ranch. She warned me that they wouldn’t last long and if I wanted to photograph them, would need to do it right away. No kidding! The petals began to drop the next day so good thing I took my camera out as soon as I got home. Thanks, Anna, for giving me your beloved poppies and the seed pods which will be put to good use next summer!!

Oh, summertime, so many beautiful things that grow in your season.

Happy Saturday!

karen mouat - They didn’t last long enough for me to see them in Anna’s garden so thank you for posting the photos of the double ruffle poppies!

jennifer armstrong - LOVE this series. Beautiful shots & your processing is divine.

Lorimer-Anderson Family // Smithers Family Photographer

I’ve worked with Tammy for a few years at my other job and it was a very sad day when it was announced that her family would be relocating to Prince George for other opportunities. Before they moved, Tammy approached me with a request to take some pictures of her family at a friend’s property to commemorate their time in Smithers and I was more than happy to. We had a great afternoon sampling the farm’s beautiful locations from sweeping fields to the vintage barn for a rustic backdrop. And of course, practicing the lost art of grass-whistling.

Thanks so much Tammy, Mike and Taelyn for a great afternoon and cheers to your new life in Prince George!

jennifer armstrong - sweet session, rose. The shot of her looking through the fence is completely gorgeous.

Nick and Shannon // Vancouver Wedding Preview

Yay! Back up and running! Now for some blog postings coming your way….

Now this…..was one fun day.

Cute couple. Backyard wedding. Tears. Laughter. Silly faces. Line dancing.

More to come……

Onyx Harris - This wedding was so fun to work on and I can’t wait to see more pics of the succulent centerpieces! Thanks for your lovely pictures Roses! And thanks to Shannon and Nick for choosing me for their wedding florist.