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Nick and Shannon // Vancouver Wedding Preview

Yay! Back up and running! Now for some blog postings coming your way….

Now this…..was one fun day.

Cute couple. Backyard wedding. Tears. Laughter. Silly faces. Line dancing.

More to come……

Onyx Harris - This wedding was so fun to work on and I can’t wait to see more pics of the succulent centerpieces! Thanks for your lovely pictures Roses! And thanks to Shannon and Nick for choosing me for their wedding florist.


Blog is Broken

Hey folks…..Just a little note for you for now.

Even though the blog is currently functioning, there are still issues with it that I’m not quite sure about which are being looked at. I’m not a techie person, so this entire realm of website hacking has been new to me and very scary to say the least. It’s been a week and a half now since my blog began experiencing problems and I realized that it had been hacked. Since then, I’ve had my webmasters working on it, trying to clean it up, change hosting from Go Daddy, and retrieve clean info for it to get back up and running. It’s got a clean bill of health from Google but it’s still not up to snuff and I’m hoping really badly that it gets sorted out soon!

In the meantime until it’s completely ready to go, I’m going to be posting more on my Facebook page because I have such wonderful weddings to show you all! Once the blog is ready, I’ll prepare the postings and publish them as I am able. It’s certainly not ideal but I’m doing my best under the circumstances.

It’s a crazy, mad world out there on the net and I’ve witnessed it firsthand these past few weeks. I now know way more than I ever really cared to about this stuff but still not enough to really know what’s going on exactly. Either way, thanks for your patience while I figure out how to navigate this. Now head on over to the page (and don’t forget to like it!).

Cullen Family // Smithers Family Photographer

In the midst of the wedding business right now, I have a few last family sessions to finish editing, including this one. I worked on these while listening to Rosi Golan and if you haven’t heard of her, well, you had better check her out. My latest musical obsession and perfect working music. And when I mean musical obsession, I mean listening to it for weeks on end. When I find something I really like, I really like it!

I think this family is pretty much the cat’s meow and this is the third time they’ve been debuted in a Simply Rose blog posting! It’s been marvelous to have known these two (and now three) for about three years now, following their wedding vow renewals overlooking the gorge on the Telkwa High Road, the lovely belly in the snow and now the little munchkin in the park. Their little was guy was absolutely adorable, one of the more easy-going babies I have met for sure. So easy-going, he in fact took a wee snooze midway through the session and woke up shortly later in good spirits. *Sigh* If only mine would do that!

Thanks so much again Glen and Robin! I have been loving documenting all your family’s major milestones! Enjoy!

Leanne - Very Nice Rose!! I like the baby Carhartts, very Smithers style :)

Lee and Jennifer // Smithers Wedding Photographer

Overcast with a light cool breeze, Lee and Jennifer’s wedding day could not have been more splendid. You may have noticed by now that I comment on the weather quite a bit and there is very good reason for that. I am always hoping for the perfect wedding day where it’s not too bright and not too soggy. There’s nothing worse than sweating like a pig while shooting a wedding (because then the rest of the day, you just feel really icky) or getting rained out. And this year has been incredibly stressful for me weather-wise, just because of the unpredictability of it (or predictability of rain!). But this Saturday wedding was absolutely perfect.

The whole affair was held at Driftwood Lodge, a gorgeous bed and breakfast property on the outskirts of town overlooking the Hudson Bay Mountain range. The gardens were in full swing ~ the peonies were blooming just for us! The ceremony was held outside, with a mason jar lined walkway full of locally grown, in season flowers. And then Jennifer arrived, looking positively radiant with her dark upswept hair and lace adorned wedding gown.

There was a raspberry grove, strawberry fields, rustic swings, long fence lines, wide open fields, a vintage tandem bike and all things classic country. We had quite a bit of time for photos after the ceremony, which was amazing because the property is large and full of possibilities. Lee and Jennifer had friends with an old Cape Cod tandem bike, it was in rough shape but Lee managed to convince Jennifer to hop on side saddle for a cruise down the driveway. So, so worth it!

The reception was inside the Great Room of the lodge and Live the Moment Event Planning Decor and Rentals helped transform the space so it was warm and inviting. The meal was catered by Ursula and her team from Foxhole Bakery and was delicious, beautifully presented, and made from as many locally produced ingredients as possible. The salmon had “fish-scale” cucumber slices, how creative is that?

The wedding was a small, intimate affair with close family and friends, some arriving from far away places. People mingled with one another, ate and drank well and laughed whenever Jennifer’s young nephew would yell “Congratulations!” into the microphone. It was fun, familial and warm ~ precisely the right recipe for a wonderful wedding day.

Thanks so much to Lee and Jennifer, for making me feel so much a part of the day. I truly feel honored to have been able to witness your commitment to one another through the eye of my lens. Enjoy married life, Mr. and Mrs.!

Click on the “play” button for the slideshow. Enjoy!

Jennifer - Thanks so much Rose, thanks for capturing the day so wonderfully and making us look so good! Worth every penny!!

Robyn - You are extremely good with getting the details :)