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DJ and Jen // Preview

This couple is hilarious.

We all hit it off right from the start and I knew DJ and Jen

were going to bring all kinds of awesome to their Engagement Session.

Hm…..yup. Pretty much accomplished that.

More to come…..

Tyra - Love the pictures! They totally capture who DJ and Jen really are:)

Melicia - Love Jen and the DJ. Rose you captured them perfectly.

Jen Henkel - Check out Dexter, looking so fly! Thanks so much for getting them up so quickly! We are soooooo looking forward to seeing the rest. What a fun process this is! Also, I think the marquee is brilliant! The theatre shots make me even more excited about the ceremony venue!!! GREAT great GREAT great Job! I’ll be spreading the word about your talent! :) We are very happy. *

Alain and Anna // Day After Preview

When the stars align you get stuff like this.

The light, the couple, the place, the timing, the mood….everything.

It all just gives me goosebumps, really.

More to come….

Karen Mouat - These are lovely yet again! It was quiet a magical evening.

Alyssa Schroeder - These are gorgeous! I love the last two.

Kate Schat - Marvelous Rose. Can’t wait to see the remaining.

Smithers Fall Fair

Some would call it the highlight of the year. I call it tons of fun crammed into one weekend full of animals, food, crafts, rides and rodeo. This year was a little different, however, we got to tag along our 1 1/2 year old. It was some of the nicest weather for the fall fair that I can remember the past few years (minus last year since we weren’t around) and it was pretty neat to see our son checking everything out, some things for the first time, like chickens. Let’s just say he didn’t like the chickens. Or horses. Just really big animals in general. So, there’s an awful lot of pictures of my kid in this posting, I mean like, lots – but that’s OK. He’s my kid, I think he’s cute and that’s all there is to it.

We also bumped into our neighbor with his little guy, all done up as a tiger. We all took a break in the sun, drinking yummy fresh-squeezed lemonade. Then it was off to check out the tractors, which I think Fin could have played on forever. My little techie – loves knobs, buttons, and all things mechanical. He was plumb tuckered by the end of the afternoon, as were we and I was very proud of dinner. It didn’t take long to make and was a nearly 100% local meal of market potatoes, beets from our garden and locally made sausage – a hearty finish to the day!

James and Melicia // Smithers Wedding Photographer

What a lovely wedding and what a lovely couple. It’s such a privilege to have strangers invite you into their lives for such an important milestone in their relationship ~ so much a privilege that in fact I often end up with new friends along the way and James and Melicia are no exception to that.

The whole day was a casual and carefree affair at Jadar Farms, where the couple lives. It was a small wedding with just family and close friends coming to celebrate, which is totally fine by me ~ I really, really love small, intimate affairs. Melicia rode into the ceremony area on her beautiful black Hanoverian and this was a first for me. I was looking forward to including a horse in the wedding day and Ferrari was certainly a good-looking model.

After a few tears during the ceremony and some family pictures, the three of us went off to sample the many outdoor locations the Farm had to offer, starting with a neighbors field. Ferrari seemed to really like it and proceeded to take up ginormous mouthfuls of the grain.

Being a riding center, Jadar Farms had a number of really great indoor spots too, like the riding stable with the amazing light. The directional light in here blew my mind! So we utilized an empty stall with a great whitewash backdrop and the open hayloft for some uber-cool silhouettes. The moment I saw those doors open up, I knew exactly what I had to do.

To top the day off, we took the ATV (all 3 of us piled on) and drove up an old dirt road to one of the prettiest open fields I have ever seen. It was up here that James proposed to Melicia and it seemed incredibly fitting to end up there ~ tall grass, barnboard fence line, Indian Paintbrush, mountain vistas and all. And not only that but we found some wild blueberries (well, at first we thought they were blueberries but then James said they tasted more like soap) and teeny tiny wild strawberries. We sat amongst the soft, tall grass under a canopy of sky that threatened rain all day but not a drop showed up. And when we had decided it was time to retreat, we hopped back on the ATV and drove back to the riding arena where the reception would be for an evening of food, drink and dancing.

I have to say, I truly love brides that can whittle sticks for little boys, run through fields with reckless abandon, ride on the front of ATV’s, go wild blueberry picking and still at the end of the day look absolutely fabulous. And I love a groom that just grins and loves her all the more for it. James and Melicia, thank you so much for everything ~ you are amazing people and I feel so fortunate to have met you two! Congratulations and I wish you many years of happiness to come!

Dress: Bliss Consignment Shop

Bride’s Shoes: Miz Mooz Boutique

Makeup: Cloud Nine Esthetics

Hair: LOKKS Salon

Catering: Family/Friends along with Susie Hooper and Kim Hodgson

Cupcakes: Andrea Dupuis

Ceremony/Reception: Jadar Farms

Flowers: Bob Chapman, North Country Gardens

Guestbook: Christi Mulder, Smokescreen Graphics

Melicia - These are magical, we are so in love with them all:)

Carla Cleveland - Wow absolutely stunning photos! So glad I could be there to share the day with you! Luv Carla X

alanna - “every little thing she does is magic..” – stunning images Rose!

alanna - “every little thing she does is magic..” – stunning images Rose!

alanna - “every little thing she does is magic..” – stunning images Rose!

loretta - simply lovely simply rose

Denise - Rose, You have a beautiful way of capturing all the details of the day! Absolutely amazing pictures!

lyndsay london - Love that cat, the horse, the bride and groom and details. Nice work Rose!

Alain and Anna // Smithers Wedding Preview

Where do I even begin with this one?

All I know is that this wedding is going to be a two parter for sure.

Thank you so much, Anna, for giving me so much beauty to work with.

More to come……

Kate Schat - Love these photos. Our Grandma said “They are such lovely photos, but in one of them the heads won’t load!” We had a little laugh about that. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Sandy Harkema - Absolutely wonderful photos, of beautiful people, on a most special day! Congratulations to Anna and Alain!

Karen Mouat - Thank you Rose for your attention to detail and capturing beautiful moments.
You were a treat to have around.