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Dickson and Frances // International Wedding Photographer // Day After Preview

Because the wedding day was a fast-paced one without much time for any bride and groom portraits, I thought it would be a fun idea to do a Day After session. Destination weddings are sort of a little different in that they are a bit of a departure from the regular scenes you would see at an at-home wedding ~ so why not take advantage of everything the destination has to offer?

Dickson suggested we start off at Statue Square where the Legislative Council building is ~ an historic landmark in Hong Kong. Dickson’s mother came along as well, which was fantastic because being a resident, she could direct us to some interesting architecture in the area. Our last stop was at the “Blue Building” in the Wan Chai area, which is a declared grade I historical building. Everywhere you turn there is history of some sort amongst the new construction ~ the contrasts of Hong Kong is astounding.

The session was laid back and low-key, exactly what the couple needed after a week of preparations capped off by a large wedding. This was also Frances’ third dress ~ this one a lovely pleated and tucked goddess gown in champagne. I loved the simplicity of this look along with a few simple diamond adornments. Perfection. And Dickson looked dapper yet casual in a white button down with classy black buttons.

There will be more to come from this session as well ~ stay tuned. But in the meantime, enjoy!

Dickson and Frances // International Wedding Photography // Hong Kong Preview

I am back at home and all of my bags and things are organized, packed away and getting cleaned. I’m battling horrible jetlag right now ~ the 15 hour time difference was OK upon arrival in Hong Kong, simply because all frames of reference were removed and it essentially was like starting a schedule from scratch. But now that I am back at home, am finding it really difficult to get back into Vancouver time. I don’t know when to sleep, I don’t know when to eat ~ my body craves food at 1 am and sleep at noon. It’s all upside down, which in turn, makes me feel very odd in general. I’m trying very hard to get back into routine but I suspect it will take some time.

But circadian rhythms aside, I have a preview of Dickson and Frances’ lovely wedding at Repulse Bay for today. I was wowed throughout the entire day ~ from France’s custom made wedding gown to her blue reception stunner, the pink tipped white roses and pink hydrangeas, the gourmet lunch that guests were welcomed to, the ambiance of the legendary hotel… was all truly magnificent. Just a few for now however….more to come including the Day After!

Kim Spears - WOW !! I love the shot with the pink tile wall. Such a perfect fit with their dresses.

lyndsay london - Love the pink dresses and the peonies!!

Hong Kong Travel Teaser

I have managed to put together a small storyboard of what I’ve been up to in my free time while here in Hong Kong. So far, I’ve sampled local transit, visited the Big Buddha and the neighboring village of Ngong Ping, seen numerous malls, took the tram to the top of Victoria Peak where I walked around on mist-covered trails for a number of hours, and today ~ the piece de resistance ~ photographed Frances and Dickson’s beautiful wedding at Repulse Bay.

Hong Kong is so over the top in so many ways ~ the mass amounts of people existing in such a small space is mind-blowing and really overwhelming. And the amount of malls and shopping is really overwhelming as well. But there is so much beauty to be had here. Even though it’s a supercity, there are jewels of green amidst it all ~ wonderful places to get away and I managed to find a few of them for my own sanity.

I’ve got a little bit of time left here before I come back home and there are a few more things to see on my list. I’m going to try to put up a preview of the wedding sometime soon ~ I won’t say today or tomorrow because time is all upside down right now. So all I will say is….soon.

damara - love these rose! post lots…I can’t wait to live part of it through your eye!

marina dykstra - Intriguing pics Rose. I am glad you found some green space for your sanity….the city, while beautiful, appears overwhelming. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Hong Kong Home Base

Well, here I am! This is my third day in Hong Kong and I’m prepping for a wedding at Repulse Bay tomorrow. I start shooting at 5am so it’s looking like it’s going to be an early night for me (but in actuality I have been going to bed every night around 7pm, so it’s not that hard!).

The flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong is a long one ~ my particular flight was almost 15 hours long including a short layover in Taipei. The prospect of flying always seems exciting to me, but when I get on the plane for real, I remember how small the seats are and how little leg room I really have and start to think otherwise. And then the plane starts to roll down the runway, the engines kick in, the hulking piece of metal and electronics takes off into the air and thus another adventure begins. Even though my legs already hurt from lack of space, I smile because I am heading into a new place.

The Hong Kong airport is ginormous. BIG. The biggest I have seen yet. So big in fact that you have to take a train to get to customs and baggage claim. I took a shuttle bus to my hotel and I understood after that trip why the MTR is the chosen method of travel. Don’t drive in Hong Kong. You are just asking for trouble. And a lot of traffic. A LOT.

I am staying at the Crowne Plaza Causeway Bay for most of my time here. It mostly caters to high-end business people so I feel a little out of sorts amongst all the suits. I am on the 14th floor and have a view of the city skyline and if I crane my neck, I can see Victoria Peak beyond which is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island (I’m learning so much!).  It’s quite impressive overall but the most key thing is the air conditioner. I don’t do well in humidity!

Today, I’ve got my hotel room on the blog, just because it’s so nice and such a departure from my normal life. And of course, a super awesome self-portrait of me, fresh off the plane and bus, 18 hours later when all was said and done. Yes, stunned. I skipped a whole day and endured no sleep ~ needless to say I slept about 11 hours that night!

I’ll try to put up a few more of my trip but I may not have enough time so it will have to wait until I get back home. In the meantime, stay cool interwebs!


Josh Dykstra - Fin and I are missing you. I guess with the time change you are shooting the wedding right now! Love you.

Akhil Singh - Roseeeeee :) its so wonderful to hear that you are enjoying your time in HK … love the room.. i hope you have a great time.. and come back with some kick tushy pictures :) have a blessed day.. take care

Simply Rose One

Well, it’s time for a little update since we’ve been in Vancouver for almost two weeks now. We arrived on September 24th (well, I did, my husband the next day) and spent the week unpacking, trying to figure out where all of our stuff would fit into a small, awkward basement suite. We’ve had some success but a week just wasn’t long enough to organize as much as we would have liked so now things are just sort of lying about until I find time to deal with it. I started my new position as a Water Technician with the Ministry of Environment this week and so far am really enjoying it. The change is really welcome ~ the only drawback however, is my 1 hour, one way commute on transit each day. I take a bus, a skytain and another bus ~ I love the morning direction but could definitely do without the end of the day one. Either way, it’s entertaining at times but seriously draining by the end of the day. I’m still trying to figure out what schedule works the best for me so I don’t get home too late and can still see my family. We have a lot of routine to iron out ~ it’s really challenging moving with a toddler whose needs keep changing because of growth. And teething molars right now. Aside from all this change, my husband and I have been getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night the past 5 nights because of those crappy molars. I am really looking forward to all those teeth coming in! Needless to say, I am quite exhausted.

There are lots of things going on behind the scenes with Simply Rose these days. I am wrapping up editing some of my last summer weddings and am preparing for the last one of the season next weekend. It’s a surprise and will be ah-may-zing! Just you wait and see…..I will actually be out of the office for one week starting Monday and I may be able to respond to emails while I am away. In the event however, that I am not, I will reply as soon as I get back.

I have also started my 365 photo challenge called SIMPLY ROSE ONE. Today is day 6 and already it’s so hard! I am determined to stick it out though. Winter is coming and things will be slowing down which will give me some time to prepare posts and take lots of pictures.

Also, I will be trying to slow down a bit next year and focusing more on weddings and lifestyle portraiture for couples only. Even though I really, really love photographing families, I feel like I need to be wiser with my time and that means spending more of it with my family. This break won’t be forever and I still may take a request or two depending on the timing of it but I feel like honing it in will help focus me all around. And goodness knows that I need a little bit of that amidst all this chaos right now. So that being said, if you are getting married or know someone who is, send me a note and we can talk about your wedding day. I’d love to hear about all your plans about your dress, the flowers, the shoes, the food, your creative details…all of it!

Have a good night, Interwebs!