An Experiment

I have been trying an experiment called freelensing.

I’ve known about this technique for a while now but didn’t really consider taking a look at it until hearing Sam Hurd speak at the Canadian Photography Convention back in April. It’s a very simple technique where the lens is removed and held against the camera with slight shifts up, down, left or right. The effect creates a tilt shift sort of look, which is all kinds of dreamy. There are lots of really great explanations and tutorials out there so if you are interested in this sort of fun project, I highly recommend it. It’s tricky to get the focusing just so and I have lots of practice to go but I like the look and want to start using it on people. Plus, it’s fun to try some new things!

Sam Hurd’s Explanation of Freelensing

Ryan Brenizer’s Take on Freelensing

Happy experimenting!



  • Chelsey Goetx said:

    Very cool! I've never heard of this before but you're right, the images are very unique!

  • damara said:

    This is awesome…I've been experimenting with it this week too! Small worlds we live in…fun, eh?